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Automated Market Theme Discovery

Our big data analytics amplify the theme/trend intelligence of analysts, managers, business strategists and investors
- with greater speed, scope and efficiency than traditional labor intensive methods.
Make our theme analytics part of your team.
Early Theme Discoveries: Themes are unifying ideas about a market premise that need to be maintained or proved to be relevant over time. Our unique big data analytics discover themes and trends early in the intelligence process.

Market Predictions: With early theme discoveries, winning and losing market players are easy to identify and track as a competitive advantage.

Real-Time Situational Awareness: Market events from unstructured big data are processed by our analytics as they occur, giving client visibility of theme validity or refutation.

Our Simplified Theme Discovery Process
Ultra Granular Industry Classifications + Streaming Unstructured Big Data + Theme Discovery Analytics = Automated Theme Discovery

Our Unique Theme Discovery Analytics

Our Context Engine - you can only discover winning and losing themes/trends if you are looking at the right data over the right amount of time, in a useful competitive context. We embed the world's most granular industry classification/context system into our analytics.
Our Special Big Data Analytics - our analytics are designed specifically for early competitive discoveries, just as our brains evolved to recognize and prioritize survival risks and opportunities.
Our High Bandwidth Visualizations - We survive because our brain-eye pattern perception operates incredibly fast, at 10,000,000 bits/second speeds. We enable the human neurosystem to quickly perceive themes that cannot be captured in words alone.
Featured Themes

Analytic + analyst discovery and tracking.
Green – themes being validated; red – being refuted over past 90 days.

Reference Radars

Animations of analytic outputs.
Key themes win radar center over time.

The Science, Engineering & Results of Our Analytics

Discovery Patterns [DP] has created an analytic platform for unstructured big data that amplifies the worldwide market insights of human analysts, investors, competitive intelligence professionals and strategic planners. One of the outputs of DP analytics are Expanded Market Sentiments. These expanded sentiment discoveries can be used to anticipate actual market movements ahead of prevailing market sentiments. Two case studies will illustrate the process of creating expanded market sentiments, then discovering mismatches and investing opportunities based prevailing market sentiments. This paper demonstrates the power of DP analytics for superior investor/analyst decisions in the era of big data.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. once said “I would not give a fig for the simplicity this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity.” All classification systems are products of simplicity based on complexity. The overarching trend of the basic sciences like chemistry, biology and genetics are ever granular investigations at the, atomic, species and genetic levels. These complex and granular investigations reveal the fundamental and simple patterns of nature. And once these fundamental patterns are discovered, it is possible to predict missing pieces and predict future outcomes under innovation, evolution, interaction or stress.

So too with recent advancements in business data. Through the application of IBB, an ultra-granular industrial classification system, it is now possible to distill great complexity into simplicity and make early market discoveries of companies and industries as they evolve and morph under competitive innovation, evolution, interaction and stress. This paper will first define the ultra-granular industrial classification system IBB, in the context of existing scientific and industry classification systems. Then this paper will demonstrate simplified investment decision making on the other side of ultra-granular industry complexity.

Useful context is the latest frontier of Internet information. Google is pioneering the next stage of Internet search with its Knowledge Graph, which aims to understand the searcher’s intent and the contextual meaning of his/her search terms . Facebook has been developing its Social Graph for people to people context by learning the personal relationships of its users.

Now the Industry Graph, created by Industry Building Blocks (IBB) and Discovery Patterns, is another source of useful decision making context. The Industry Graph is being developed to serve competitive strategy and financial decision making. The Industry Graph first creates useful competitive context around the companies competing in 16,000 granular industries. This high degree of granularity enables useful intra-industry and inter-industry financial and strategy analyses. The Industry Graph creates a real time situational awareness by prioritizing unstructured information like news and social media that might indicate interesting industry trends or changes within the industry composition and broader inter-industry ecosystem. This Industry Graph context is the foundation for superior searching, discovery, competitive analysis, situational awareness, market anticipations, financial tracking and investing strategies.

Our automated theme discovery analytics are designed to be trusted assistants to any decision maker who must survive in competitive marketplaces. They are smart and cost effective. Designed around natural human neurosciences, our theme analytics leverage the amazing power of eye-brain awareness for competitive survival. We transform unstructured big data streams into real-time competitive patterns that are either evolving or dissipating. Patterns can be simple text discoveries or graphical representations that resonate the powerful threat/opportunity pattern detection centers of the brain, thereby significantly enhancing competitive awareness.
Most of the world’s market intelligence is hidden in overwhelming flows of news, blogs, texts, Tweets, social media and multimedia. All these are examples of unstructured data. This data is messy and unorganized, unlike the clean structured data that is produced in industrial monitoring. We have invented a unique solution. We build portfolios of automated analytics distill theme discoveries and other situational awareness insights with our unique context engines, discovery analytics and visualizations. No other analytic provider has these market intelligence competencies.
The problem with the big data analytics of today, is that they were designed first for computer cycles – not the human awareness needs of managers and analysts. The results are complex tool kits and dashboards best suited for data scientists, thereby removing the decision makers from the original data and the real-time interpretation process.
There are article tagging services that immediately characterize the contents of news articles and social media for the purposes of automated machine trading. These services are done at the each or article level, not connecting the dots among hundreds of potential articles for market theme or trend evolution over time.
There are many media monitoring and social listening tools that analyze news and social media. These tools are best characterized as backward looking, measuring simple frequency counts, estimating sentiment calculations and perhaps even clustering similar articles. They were not designed to be forward looking, discovering emerging market threats and opportunities – often outside of the narrow searches driving the media monitoring.

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Our Business Purpose

We create and maintain public and private networks of automated market theme discovery and tracking for our clients. These are yearly subscriptions that provide access to our several types of themes, IBB classifications, smartphone apps and animated visualizations. In many situations, our human analysts support weekly client briefings. Clients can gain immediate (same day) market insights, from our cloud based services without the need to recruit their own supporting analysts and data scientists.

Free Access and Theme Content

We enable free access to our theme outputs and real-timepublic radars. See these insights here on our site or through Linkedin and Twitter connections.