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Automated Market Analysts

Our robo market analysts amplify the intelligence of analysts, managers, business strategists and investors
– with greater speed, scope and efficiency than traditional labor intensive methods.
Make them part of your team.

Market Predictions: Winning and losing market players – industries, competitors, suppliers, buyers, and technologies.
Early Trend Discoveries: Emerging and dissipating market forces. New market entrants, substitutes, risks and regulations.
Real-Time Situational Awareness: Market events as they are reported in all forms of streaming unstructured big data.
  • 3 Unique Innovations

    Our Context Engine – you can only discover winning and losing trends if you are looking at the right data over the right amount of time, in a useful competitive context. We embed the world’s most granular industry classification/context system into our analytics.

    Our Special Big Data Analytics – our analytics are designed specifically for early competitive discoveries, just as our brains evolved to recognize and prioritize survival risks and opportunities.

    Our High Bandwidth Visualizations – We survive because our brain-eye pattern perception operates incredibly fast, at 10,000,000 bits/second speeds. We enable the human neurosystem to quickly perceive trends that cannot be captured in words alone.

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See Real Time Examples of Our Automated Market Analysis in These Trend Radars
  • Recent Trend Radar Analysis

    Transportation Energy Trends – this trend radar is designed to identify early market forces influencing the future of energy alternatives for transportation. Diesel has been a leading energy alternative over the past eight years. Now the VW scandal about test cheating is causing a significant market reevaluation. Diesel has moved from central market relevancy in unstructured big data[away from radar center] disconnecting from other energy alternatives – becoming synonymous with VW/Audi.

  • vw_trans_example3

Our automated (aka robo) market analysts are designed to be trusted assistants to any decision maker who must survive in competitive marketplaces. They are smart and cost effective. Designed around natural human neurosciences, our robo analysts leverage the amazing power of eye-brain awareness for competitive survival. We transform unstructured big data streams into real-time competitive patterns that are either evolving or dissipating. Patterns can be simple text discoveries or graphical representations that resonate the powerful threat/opportunity pattern detection centers of the brain, thereby significantly enhancing competitive awareness.
Most of the world’s market intelligence is hidden in overwhelming flows of news, blogs, texts, Tweets, social media and multimedia. All these are examples of unstructured data. This data is messy and unorganized, unlike the clean structured data that is produced in industrial monitoring. We have invented a unique solution. We build portfolios of robo market analysts that distill trend discoveries and other situational awareness insights with our unique context engines, analytics and visualizations. No other analytic provider has these market intelligence competencies.
The problem with the big data analytics of today, is that they were designed first for computer cycles – not the human awareness needs of managers and analysts. The results are complex tool kits and dashboards best suited for data scientists, thereby removing the decision makers from the original data and the real-time interpretation process.
There are many media monitoring and social listening tools that analyze news and social media. These tools are best characterized as backward looking, measuring simple frequency counts and estimating sentiment calculations. They were not designed to be forward looking, discovering emerging market threats and opportunities – often outside of the narrow searches driving the media monitoring.

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Our Business Purpose

We create and maintain public and private networks of automated (robo) market analysts for our clients. These are yearly subscriptions that provide access to our classifications, market analytics, smartphone apps and animated visualizations. In many situations, our human analysts support weekly client briefings. Clients can gain immediate (same day) market insights, from our cloud based services without the need to recruit their own supporting analysts and data scientists.

Free Access and Intelligence Content

We enable free access to our robo analyst outputs, public radars and the real-time trends and insights that they discover. See these insights here on our site or through Linkedin and Twitter connections.