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Our artificial intelligence agents are designed specifically for early competitive theme/trend discoveries and superior real-time market situational awareness. We were inspired by the evolution of the human brain. Our brains evolved to adapt and survive as competitors in an often hostile environment. We learned to recognize and prioritize survival risks and opportunities with the least amount of chaotic and unstructured information. A large portion of our brains are specifically evolved to remember and match patterns based on what we see and perceive.

We took these neurological survival principles and designed our artificial intelligence around competitive survival. Our algorithms uniquely seek changing relationships in competitive environments as detailed in our context engine. The result is a powerful discovery and situational awareness AI platform stimulated by streaming unstructured big data.
  • Simple Principles of Our Artificial Intelligence

    • Connecting the Dots:  relevant information and emerging themes/trends are most often discovered among competitive relationships by thousands of intelligent agents.
    • Starting Context Engine:  our context engine points to competitive relationships that already exist or ones that should soon emerge.
    • Streaming Unstructured Data: this form of big data continually defines the changing relationships among market forces, and illuminates potential market winners and losers.
    • Billions of Daily Calculations: our analytics require powerful CPU’s to sort out potential market threats, opportunities, winners and losers from streaming unstructured big data.
    • The Importance of Time: significant market trends normally take many weeks and months to emerge.  Our analytics are patient, continually comparing many time periods with each other.
    • Winning the Center:  winning market forces and tends are part of numerous strong connections among the other market forces, thereby earning a central location among other market forces over time,
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