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how & what we do with our automated theme discoveries

An investor or market strategist starts with simple ideas
These ideas are matched to market themes that have already been discovered through Discovery Patterns big data analytic processes. Companies and eventually ETF’s can also be the starting the points, mapping companies back to themes.

Our analytics start with the world’s most complete competitive context engine
The Industry Building Blocks Classification System (TM) [IBB] creates ultra granular industries (now 18,500 of them), mapping companies to themes, competitors, buyers, and other theme generating market forces. We call these structural themes.

Clients & subject matter communities expose worldwide content to our analytic engines
Unstructured data links like news, blog, media, and social references start to train our big data analytics as to what is relevant in competitive marketplaces, guided by the IBB classification database. Public results can be combined with private subscription results that are kept private.

Theme discovery analytics reveal what is emerging and relevant
Our unstructured big data analytics have the natural advantage in that they are designed to discover winning/losing patterns among competitive market forces. These early discoveries among tens of thousands of potentially interesting market themes are a clear competitive advantage.

Clients search & subscribe to our theme discoveries and tracking
Our theme analytics are conducting billions of continuous calculations to discover and prioritize the most relevant market themes. These themes are constantly updated and published as prioritized ordinal lists – mapped to relevant companies and often published with links to contextual news/blog/social data.

Themes are mapped to specific companies
The IBB classification system enables theme discoveries to be mapped to public, private, and occasionally start-up companies. These mapped companies could be investment or strategic planning references.

Mapped companies are dissected for theme correlation
The IBB database enables investors and strategic planners to connect themes with granular lines of business, thereby enabling themes to be correlated with company market presences. Companies can be mapped against each other for competitive strategic planning context or M&A analyses.

Clients can subscribe to our sophisticated theme discovery radars
Sophisticated theme discoveries are enhanced with our animated radars which leverage human capacities to visually perceive changing patterns at incredibly fast speeds. Theme radars leverage client news and other unstructured data. Analytics and analysts can team-up in these radars. [Public data examples on web site.]

Clients can subscribe to our theme tracking analyses
Big data analytics discover potential emerging/dissipating themes. Discovery Patterns and client analysts track specific events over time to validate or refute themes. Facts versus perceptions inform market/investing decisions.

Themes are early hypotheses and signals of the future
We live in the era of amplified human awareness through big data analytics. Discovery Patterns accelerates investor and strategic planner ideas.